Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Back in the OC

We have been back almost a month and we are nearly back into the groove of our life here. Though it is difficult to be fully committed when our hearts and minds are still in Germany. We are in the process of paring down our stuff in preparation of moving in with our good friend Sean. This involves giving what we have to people in need, setting aside that which we are keeping at my parents house until we can send for it, and selling what ever is left. We are constantly sharing with others what God is doing in our lives, and it has given me an opportunity to share Jesus with people in a way that is causing them to think and examine their own lives. Often I am asked, "Why would you choose to move to Germany when there is plenty of opportunity here in the states?", and I am able to share how God has called us to these people and how our hearts have been joined with theirs. How we have been given vision for how we would like to teach, lead, and most importantly love the kids in K-Town. I am asked "Why are you giving away most of your stuff first and selling whatever is left?" And my answer is that we have been blessed with so much by God in these 2 years here in Buena Park that if we are able to pass along that blessing to others we are more than willing!
This had definitely been a time of being able to share how good God is and show others His love in a way that is sometimes easier to accept because it is more tangible.  Our hope is that we are planting seeds that will one day lead to the fruition on salvation and replication.