Tuesday, 21 June 2011


This has been a long time coming and we are so thankful to have finally reached this goal. God has blessed us richly with provision of finances, with grace, and with strength to persevere when life stretched us thinner than we have ever been before. This graduation is more than a celebration of a group of men committing to two years of demanding work and school loads and finishing well. It is the glorifying of God and His mercy and grace through each man's story; those men who He carried and prepared for the calling He has placed on each of their lives.

Aaron walking!!




Monday, 13 June 2011


This is our official Glaize family blog so we can keep our friends and family updated on where God is taking us and the great things He is doing!

It has been a crazy journey since we got married full of exhaustion, worry, laughter, fulfillment, refreshment, growth, and joy.

After our fantastic wedding we stayed at my parents for a few months until the 2009 fall semester at the Calvary Chapel School of Ministry started. For 5 weeks straight, driving back and forth between San Diego and my cousins beautiful home in Cypress, we seeked out employment and housing. We knew Aaron was supposed to be going to the school, but we had yet to secure any of the necessary means of living there. So in faith that God would provide we told the school that we would be there when the semester started. In fact by the time Aaron had started classes we had yet to move in!

We moved in the weekend after he started school and I started my job at Knott's Berry Farm a week later. Our schedules were completely opposite of each other and our goal for the 1st few months was to simply survive. all the while we were desperate for a home church but it was very difficult to find one with my work being in the wee hours of the morning especially on the weekends. I would have to drag my body to church in the morning, and we were going to the latest services we could.

We church shopped at 3 churches before we found the one. We fell in love our first visit. We didn't know anyone there, there were few young people (at the time), and I didn't know half the music, but I knew this was the place we had been looking for. It was like sitting on your favorite chair with the sun light coming in, pure and bright, while you spend time with God and enjoy being in His presence. It was comfortable and genuine.

We have had God meet our needs in every way, providing jobs, car mechanics, checks in the mail, discounted food sections, microwaves, dining room chairs, strangers at starbucks to encourage us, a wonderful church to spur on growth, small groups and leadership opportunities, the list goes on and on. Living this way has truly been a blessing. We both have grown closer to God and seen more of Him than we have ever before. Now that Aaron has graduated from the Calvary Chapel School of Ministry we are looking forward to our next big adventure!

We hope to keep this blog updated at the very least monthly and we will email you guys to let you know when we have updated. Thank you for your prayers and support they mean so much to us knowing that we are being lifted up by you.

God Bless,
Aaron and Donna Glaize