Thursday, 2 February 2012

We finally got our sofa stamp so we are officially allowed to stay here until next January! Also we are test driving a car in a few days that we might buy!  If we end up buying it I will post pics so you can get a good look at our recent blessing from God :)
Speaking of cars... Aaron and I were walking back to the car we are borrowing from Jen after getting our sofa stamps super stoked to have finally taken care of one of the few loose ends of settling here. It had snowed the day before which means the roads and sidewalks were super icy so we were chatting while carefully avoiding giant patches of sudden death.

We get to the car, and notice that there are lots of little icicles on the bottom of the car so we start kicking them off. Once we felt the car was in tip top shape (ie we were starting to get very cold, it was only 16 degrees F!) we get in the car and I notice that the ice scraper on the floor is green, not red like ours. But Peggy had said that she left her ice scrapper in our car so I figured it was hers. So I ask Aaron' "When did you find Peggy's ice scraper?"
He asks, "What do you mean?"
"I mean our scrapper is red and this one is green so you must have found hers in the back, but what happened to ours?"

As I am asking him I am reaching behind his seat looking on the floor but there are all these reusable grocery bags stuffed back there that are not ours, but could have been Jen's. I look in the glove box to see if we stuck it there and when I close it we both start to realize this is not Jen's car, it's not even a Dark Blue VW Jetta like hers, but a BLACK BMW!!! "This isn't our car!" Aaron exclaims as we jump out and quickly make our way to Jen's car 2 spots over.

We get in the car laughing and slightly embarrassed and drive away no harm done.

We get down the road a little bit and I ask Aaron where the other glove is that I loaned him and he can't find it. It was in his pocked but now is nowhere to be found! We both know where it is...

So we drive back to the scene of the incident and I tell Aaron to "Look into the car, but not like a creeper casing it, just a casual observer and if you see the glove inside grab it quick so we can get out of here." He walks up opens the door and there it is, sitting by the drivers seat. Aaron quickly grabs the glove, closes the door and walks nonchalantly back to the car. We both laugh again, we left no trace.

This Thursday we start our youth Bible Study on Thursday nights, it is going to hopefully be a good opportunity for the them to be able to loosen up, and have an opportunity to interact with the passage instead of just being preached at on Sundays. We will be going through the book of Ephesians, and if you could pray that the youth would discover who it is they are in Jesus, and that that would get them excited to live and grow in Him.

We pray all is well with you all, and I pray that you all grow also in the knowledge of who you are in Him. May the One "who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places, in Christ" show Himself strong in your lives this week.