Tuesday, 21 June 2011


This has been a long time coming and we are so thankful to have finally reached this goal. God has blessed us richly with provision of finances, with grace, and with strength to persevere when life stretched us thinner than we have ever been before. This graduation is more than a celebration of a group of men committing to two years of demanding work and school loads and finishing well. It is the glorifying of God and His mercy and grace through each man's story; those men who He carried and prepared for the calling He has placed on each of their lives.

Aaron walking!!




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  1. aw this brings me back to aaron's ccbcyork graduation and when donna was all paranoid about meeting Aaron's parents...crazy it was so long ago and now you guys are married and in Germany. The Lord is so faithful. I'm a little overwhelmed. I love you guys and am sincerely so blessed that you are continuing to follow the Lord whole heartedly. Praying!!!