Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Week One

We are here! We have arrived in Germany and have spent most of the time sleeping! HA! A combination of jet lag and the sun setting so early here (like completely set by 17:00{5pm}) has us all turned around with very little idea of the actual time by our internal time clocks. But more on our arrival later, first what we had been up to before we got here.

The past two weeks before, we spent with our families and friends in each of our hometowns. While we enjoyed ourselves most of the time, it was hard for us to be fully content when all we truly desired to do was get on a plane to Germany and dive into the work to be done here. We will miss the late night hang outs, the coffee chats and the feelings of belonging that come from being with people who know you well enough to write your biography for you. Thank you for your words of encouragement, your love and support. But most of all we thank you for your prayers, the thing we needed and will the most.

As for the almost week that we have been here. When we first arrived another missionary, and long time friend of David and Peggy, Karen stayed with us for the weekend. She works at the bible college in Siegen and came here to buy the supplies for the Thanksgiving dinner the school will be preparing for the students. It was also a goodbye because in January she will be leaving to go to Japan to help with the reconstruction of the devastated areas left by the earthquakes of last March. It was wonderful to get to know her and we had so much fun talking and laughing.

Sunday we officially meet our youth and it was awkward...

Basically it was a room of mixed emotions. The parents were so glad that we were there and some went so far as to tell us publicly what their child needs us to teach them thus embarrassing their child. While most of the kids started at us sullenly, completely disinterested in who were are or what was going on. So typical teens. We are hoping that this next Sunday, when we have our first youth service, that they open up more but we are aware of the prayer and work that will need to go into this. It is our goal to start a Thursday night bible study at the beginning of the new year but we are still praying about it and what the Lord would have us to do.

Monday we applied for jobs and we are waiting to hear back. We have already called the director of the CDC(child development center) and she has asked us to call back on Monday to schedule a brief meeting so that we can introduce ourselves properly and *hopefully* make a good impression. Please pray for this and our job situation in general.

Tomorrow we are having a church Thanksgiving meal here at David and Peggy's with about 22 people in attendance. We have invited those who do not have a family to come and enjoy a meal with us, and I'll be making Deviled Eggs! It's gonna be a full house with much to be thankful for :)
Prayer request for this week:
  • The church Thanksgiving meal would be a blessing to the church body and glorify the Lord
  • Vision for the youth group
  •  The first Sunday with the youth group would go well
  • Jobs for Aaron and I that give us logistical support
  • A vehicle
  • Our families in the States, that they would be comforted and blessed this Thanksgiving

 We love you guys and we miss you greatly. Know that if you are reading this blog you are one of the people we are most thankful for. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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