Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Oh goodness it has been quite a while since we have updated here! We must fix that right now.
Castle Hike group

So ministry has been going quite well! Last we posted we were starting our mid week study and it has been coming along nicely. We are working our way through Ephesians and though the first few weeks were challenging to teach through because of the theology jam-packed verses, we laid the ground work and are now seeing evidence of comprehension and they are engaging in some awesome discussion.

We have also put out a question box for the kids to ask us questions about the Bible, God, life, their walks and how all these things work together. We answer the questions on Thursdays at the study and so far the questions have been pretty easy to answer such as "Are there cats in Heaven?" but we challenged everyone to put a question in the box this past Sunday so soon we will be covering topics like dating, possibility of life on other plants, and forgiveness of siblings. It will be fun and we are really looking forward to answering them.
Underground below the Castle

Camera dodge fail
Aaron and Adrian
Our kids are really starting to grow together as a group and the last few events we have planned have been lots of fun. We are starting to see much more consistent attendance on Sunday mornings and we have even had kids who have brought their friends and they have really enjoyed themselves! We are so pleased to see things starting to come together.

As for Aaron and I we are doing well. We bought our first German car a few weeks ago, unfortunately this morning it choose to not start and seeing as how we know very little about cars, let alone this over sized German roller skate, we are praying that God will work this out. He is the God who sees, and He knows our needs better than we do. So we are fully confident that we have nothing to worry about. We still have Jen's car at our use and we are still looking for a 2nd car. But most of all we are looking to God and trusting our Father.

"Ron Burgundy"
We are still seeking out jobs that provide us with health care and as always we have a few leads that we are following up on, but in His timing and His will. That being said our current jobs are providing more hours that we originally thought which is great for paying bills, and for our tiny savings account. Life is not nearly as hectic as it was in CA, but it still seems just as difficult a lot of times.  New place, new challenges. We are so blessed to be living here, and to be stretched in these new ways and I thank God for placing us here, even when it is hard.

Awesome praise: A mom of two of our students Accepted Christ this past Sunday! It is exciting to see how God is working in this family and we ask that you would please keep them in your prayers :)

Well this is all I have time for now, still not internet at the apt so bear with us as we try to keep you all updated with our limited access. We love you and miss you greatly and we pray that you are walking in a way that allows you to experience a life full of steps of faith and that you are comforted by the Great Comforter the whole way.

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