Monday, 11 July 2011

Our Heart For Germany

Our first trip out to Germany is barely more than a month away and we are busy trying to prepare ourselves for what is waiting for us on the other side of the ocean. I have been reading blog after blog, looking at photos of Germany, and reading up in Operation World the needs of the people and their country. It seems rather intimidating after reading these stats about the percentage of Christians falling away from the church (34% since the 1960s) and that there are whole cities that have not heard the Good News! The book states:
"Churches seem paralyzed, having lost much of their identity, purpose, and income. Germany needs another reformation as deep and lasting as the the one sparked by Luther nearly 500 years ago."

Now I know that the church we are going to minister to is an American church mostly for those who are stationed there due to their military orders. And I know that we will be involved in an even smaller part of that church, the high school ministry, but what better way to teach students about the Love of Christ than to make an impact on the community around them? We must lay the ground work now with prayer! Prayer for our hearts, for the students hearts, and for the community around them. Please join us in lifting up the country and people of Germany. Their hearts are hardened towards organized religion and are being seduced by new aged philosophies and false teachings. And they are more miserable than ever; the number 2 killer of Germans age 15-29 is suicide and mental illness is "occurring in record numbers". Please pray for them, Germany in many ways influences the EU and they are the strongest economic power in Europe. If the Gospel can have influence in this country then the effects would ripple outward to reach every corner of this continent. Germany has such a rich spiritual history and we do not believe that God is done with them yet. Let it be said of Germany what God says of Israel in Jeremiah 30:22 "You shall be my people, and I will be your God."

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  1. I love your heart for these people, whom you've never met! I love your intelligence, researching the country, it's people, and it's needs. I can see the Lord really preparing you for the weeks ahead. What a blessing you will be, as well as receive, as you visit these people! May the Lord shine His face upon you, and keep you in His tender care as you seek His will for the future.