Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Beating jet lag

So we are sitting here about to tell you all the greatness of how we beat jet lag and what has been going on here in Germany; only to struggle to come up with words thus proving that perhaps we have yet to fully over come jet lag.

We arrived yesterday about 7:30 in the morning and after "freshening ourselves up" we searched for Pastor David in our sleepless stupor.

We passed him like 3 times...

After finally finding him we headed to the church and he gave us a tour. The facility is amazing, a work in progress but it has great potential. It used to be a big rig repair shop type thingy, but already they have made great head way towards developing the main sanctuary, the offices and the Sunday school rooms. As he was showing us around he explained the visions that he had for the various rooms and what work had already been done. It is in a secluded area that is a bit off the main road with  ACTUAL TREES LIKE IN A FOREST behind the building. (pictures to come once we get home)

He then took us on the Ramstein base where we picked up a few things and looked around the new, huge, BX. We got lunch and then headed to his house.

He showed us around and explained to us (mostly me) the German oddities like windows that open strangely and have metal "curtains"and the "fire place" that is like a giant radiator that runs off firewood. After the tour we both took showers and then passed out for 3 hrs. We forced ourselves to get up and then we went out for some German Mexican food. It wasn't half bad but Estradas easily beats it. After that we watched a movie and we made it til 10 pm so we went down stairs to what is like a mini apartment and hit the hay.... for 12 hours!

Today we woke up around 10 did some devos and headed to the church for a staff meeting, and later we picked up Peggy, Dave's wife, from the train station. She was just in Pittsburgh with her family and so it was nice to finally meet her. We ate at a German restaurant, Urban Cafe, es was sehr gut. It was funny though, Dave doesn't really speak German but Peggy does and right when she left us for a moment is when our server came by and we had really no idea what she was saying. Luckily she realized we didn't speak German so she brought us the English menu and then Peggy came back quickly after wards.

We headed back to their house to drop Peggy off and they we went to the church again. Aaron and I worked outside on their prayer garden doing some yard work and then it was time for the Women's study. Aaron went home with Dave and I stayed with Peggy for the study. We studied Gen 16 and I met a few of the ladies, it was very nice and we were able to really share our hearts with one another. We headed back home after wards and for dinner Peggy and I had a salad that we picked fresh from her garden! It was quite delicious! We all shared some thin mints for dessert and then off to bed.

That's all for now but we are excited to see what the Lord has planned for the next week and a half  :D

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