Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Quick Update

Just a quick update, sorry it has taken us so long to write anything. We are still waiting for our jobs to start. Christmas slowed everything to a halt so things are finally getting moving again. If you all could pray for me (Aaron) I currently am under some kind of review, and that will determine whether or not I am able to get the job and receive logistical support. I just need to get signed off by 3 or 4 different people, and so I am waiting for those results. I'm pretty sure I'm fine but just pray that everything goes smoothly and that it will happen soon.

These past couple of weeks have really seen us blessed. The youth have been talking a little bit more, which has been a blessing in and of itself because it shows that they are (slowly) warming up to us. God is really putting the youth that He has given me on my heart, I find myself just randomly praying for them as I go about my day. We have had on average about 7 each week, though if the total number of kids that have been coming all showed up on the same day we would have about 11. We have just been meeting Sunday mornings but starting in February we should be meeting Wednesday (or possibly Thursday) nights for Bible Study, games and other opportunityies to fellowship. Please pray for that, as Donna and I are kind of learning as we go here.

We have yet to get a car, but a few weeks ago a man felt lead of the Lord to donate $8,000 to so that we could buy one, or two. This was an amazing answer to prayer because we came with only about $1,300 to our name, and as time has progressed, that money has been slowly reducing, so we were wondering how we would be able to afford any kind of transportation. But, the Lord being oh so gracious sent someone to annonomously send us a check, and so while we still cant get a car until we get logistical support, we are blessed that we do not have to worry at all about getting around!

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